Type and purpose of small freight elevators

In this article we will explain what are small freight elevators for what they are and how they differ from each other.

    Scope of small freight elevators:
  • Office, laboratory, library: transportation of samples and documents
  • Cafes, dining room, restaurant, private home: transportation of ready meals, food, dirty dishes
  • Store: transportation of small goods to the place of sale
  • Warehouse, store, manufacturing: transportation of relatively large cargo

Type of small freight Elevator

Based on the scope, small freight elevators can be divided into the following types:

  • 50 kg is designed for small loads. Are generally small cabins (most often S*G*VMM). Download service level manually. Vertically-sliding doors, or automatic
  • 100 kg - designed for small and medium loads. Usually have an average size of cabins (up to S*G*VMM). Download service level manually. Vertically-sliding doors,or automatic
  • 200 and 250 kg is designed for large loads. Usually have a maximum size of booths for this class (up to S*G*VMM). Floor loading, cargo trucks to move cargo. Swing doors
    drive type:
  • lifts with electric actuator (electric elevators). This drive is used 99% of small freight elevators. The most economical and easy to use
  • lifts with hydraulic actuator (hydraulic elevators). Currently rare. Consume more than 2 times as much energy. Have a limited number of models. There must be a serious argument for their use
    - type Elevator shaft:
  • Elevator comes without mine and construction of the mine, for it elevates the customer. This configuration is almost never used because of the difficulties of installation of the lift in a tiny pit. While it is almost impossible to adjust the Elevator either during installation or during operation. Disadvantages more than advantages. This configuration is not commonly found in high-quality small freight elevators European manufacturers.
  • Own metal mine, came with an Elevator. These are the vast majority of small freight elevators. This configuration allows you to install and qualitatively establish small freight Elevator regardless of the building constructions. Metal mine cocked with bolted connections according to the instructions of the manufacturer in 1-2 business days

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