Tips on purchasing small freight elevators

The acquisition of the elevator, even a small cargo - a long-term investment in assets. Remember that the life of the lift in accordance with the norm - 25 years - is comparable to the life cycle of real estate (buildings, etc.), so the choice of a small freight elevator should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Save resources can and should be, including the acquisition of a small freight elevator. Only desirable commensurate with the extent of saving life and not waste your lift the apparently short-lived, even cheap devices. Object on which the lift is installed, the sale is to increase its value is comparable with investments in an elevator or exceed them.

is a known fact: Brand engineering equipment affect the liquidity of the asset (such as real estate or business) as a whole.

    Some tips on purchasing a small freight elevator:
  • Analyze open sources of information about the firm-supplier. Lack of a coherent information - reason to guard
  • Please visit the manufacturer's lift refer to data sheet
  • If the website shows beautiful pictures - ask where it is possible to see "live»
  • Do not pay attention to advertising - do not let the push you to a solution that may not be optimal
  • Do not compromise on the safety of the elevator - this is not a joke and it does not save
  • swept aside vaguely formed proposals without a full specification of the manufacturer and country of origin of the individual components of the elevator or lift (if offered skomplektovat design)
  • Find out who serves, repairs and supplies parts for the elevator in your area (this is called "Support"). If it's the same supplier lift - find out about their next partner (in case of sudden or planned disappearance provider elevator)
  • Visit the office of the vendor, and if there is a production - and take a trip back
  • If you are satisfied - insist on the conclusion of the contract, which is sure to reflect all relevant aspects of the transaction: the price, the timing, the full specification, warranty, condition, details of the parties and the like.)
  • Ask for a meeting with those specified in the contract as the representative of the supplier. At a minimum, it should keep talking about small freight elevators and to know the conditions of the contract, which he signed (Council sounds terrible, but if you save much, it can be useful)

    We hope that the information presented in a series of articles Choosing a small freight elevator, will help you to form an approach to the selection of the elevator and get the equipment that best meets your expectations, opportunities and, of course, the technological processes.

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