The choice of the lift on the stock

    Range of freight elevators and lifts:
  • Electrical equipment for industrial use, used in production and to ensure the functioning of high-rise office buildings. These elevators are designed for the maintenance of buildings up to 20 floors, are characterized by a capacity up to 5000 kg, equipped with swinging doors or automatically opening/closing shaft and cabin doors. The speed of such lifts up to 0.5 m/s
  • lifts with hydraulic drive, designed for industrial use and administrative buildings with a height no higher than 6 storeys Capacity of such equipment to 3200 kg Hydraulic elevators are equipped with swing or automatically triggered shaft and cabin doors. The speed of movement of such lifts is up to 0.5 m/s
  • Electric lifts and hoists are not high capacity - up to 250 kg The speed of movement of lift is not more than 0.3 m/s
  • Electric lifting equipment special purpose for use in hazardous and explosive environments
  • Auto and elevators with electric and hydraulic drive. Such equipment allows you to lift loads weighing up to kg. The speed of movement of lift - not exceeding 0,5 m/s
  • Fire elevators with fire-resistant doors
  • Freight elevators with passing and not passing cabin
  • Lifting equipment with external, internal and mixed management system

what should I look for when choosing a freight Elevator?

Before you buy selected Elevator or hoist should pay attention to the following parameters

  • Hydraulic or electric drive type selected depending on the height of the building and expected load
  • External, internal and mixed control of the Elevator
  • Automatic swing, sliding or manually open the doors
  • Single or double leaf doors
  • Fire retardant or non-fire-in shower
  • Pass or do not lock type cabins
  • Functional assignment of the Elevator
  • Manual loading or with forklift

take into account when selecting equipment parameters are directly related to the cost - the more requirements and stricter than they are, the higher the cost of the Elevator.

Delivery and installation of freight elevators is a task for professionals

the Purpose of the freight Elevator is to ensure normal supply and operation of high-rise office buildings, industrial, manufacturing and warehouse complexes, shopping centers. To ensure a proper level of functioning is so important equipment allows the impeccable quality of workmanship and high-quality, regular maintenance. How exactly complied with these conditions, depends not only on the pace of work of the enterprise, but also the safety of its employees.

the Company offers the products of domestic and foreign manufacturers, well-known in the market for lifting equipment. Everything on this site freight elevators and lifts are certified and meet the safety requirements in accordance with Russian and European safety regulations. We produce not only the delivery but also professional installation of cargo handling equipment, designed to move goods, products, equipment and people weighing from 250 to 5000 kg

Professional approach to the installation involves not only compliance with all manufacturer's recommendations, but also providing the necessary safeguards and provided for by the contract service. This is the key to smooth operation of elevators during a whole period of their service.

Freight Elevator must be reliable

For the needs of shops, warehouses, shopping centers, warehouse complexes using various lifting equipment. Most importantly, lifts and hoists were reliable and guaranteed security, as moved, and staff. So cheap to buy Elevator not the primary task, it is much more important that it is securely and properly installed. The products and services of the company you can be sure a hundred percent.

Choosing the appropriate model to be guided, first and foremost, is the fact that used it intensively. This means that the quality and reliability of the products subject to special requirements.

What equipment to buy for lifting and lowering loads?

If the type of equipment - hydraulic, electric or mechanical drive type, the type of opening cockpit - the choice is made, it will remain to be defined with the following parameters, which directly affect the efficiency of the device.

  • load Capacity. The Elevator or lift shall have a capacity slightly greater than the weight average volume of cargo. Should be a great safety factor, contributing to the ease and smoothness of operation of the entire design
  • movement Speed. This feature in most cases depends on the size of the Elevator cab.
  • Internal size of the Elevator or lift. From these parameters directly affects the ability to move the volumetric size of the cargo. The dimensions of the Elevator is usually tied to the size of mine. They are important when the internal arrangement of the Elevator. Transfer it to the outside of the building saves interior space, but the cost of equipment lift.

as for the design of the cabin, in the case of freight elevators this option is not determinative. For these purposes typically used cabin with minimal decor in addition to lighting and the necessary niches and shelves maximum logo of the manufacturer. But the noise of lift is significantly lower than the passenger. Due to these two characteristics, minimalist design and the lack of sound insulation to reduce the total cost of the equipment.

the Specialists of our company will help you to choose and buy a freight Elevator with the optimal type of cab, need drive an appropriate speed and other meet the client's individual characteristics. All equipment is certified and meets the requirements of GOST and SNiP.

Freight Elevator and its types

In any high-rise building, there is a problem of transportation, regardless of its destination - commercial, industrial or administrative. Each of them has its own kind of cargo, goods, materials, products and employees themselves. Lifting equipment is always designed simultaneously with the main structure and is selected depending on the characteristics of the latter.

the Freight Elevator is required in warehouse, retail, industrial buildings the height of two floors and more. This greatly simplifies the transport of goods, products and materials. Lifting equipment demand in residential buildings, which regularly climb and descend the people and carrying various cargoes.

    cargo lifting equipment is the General name of a series of units, among which are the following categories of lifts:
  • mining truck
  • telescopic cargo
  • hydraulic cargo

What is mine cargo lifts?

Mine cargo lift outwardly resembles a traditional Elevator, inside the cabin which is in motion is prohibited. The control panel of this equipment is located outside the cab. Installation is possible both outside and inside.

Our company offers equipment for lifting/lowering loads, effectively replacing the elevators. This is mine freight lifts, designed for vertical movement of goods and products weighing up to 7000 kg This shaft Assembly allows to lift loads up to a height of 20m.

the Main function of a mine hoist moves the load. The principle of its action is very similar to a freight Elevator. Significant difference from the past is the ability to control the lifting process and manage not from inside the Elevator, and on each floor. To do this, use the remote control.

Structural base is self-supporting metal structure. This framework allows you to mount it both stationary and in the Elevator shaft, and use outside the building without mine.

Mine freight lifts are characterized by the following parameters.

  • the location of the hoist - bottom, top, side and mine or remotely.
  • Type power supply - four.
  • the Type of the cabin lift - winch or Elektrostal.
  • the Type of loading/unloading access from four sides, restrict one or more.
  • drive Type - electric.

the security of the goods and service lifts of personnel is ensured in the following ways :

  • Fixation of cargo in the cabin by means of a special lattices, sliding doors, gates, roller shutters.
  • Guardrails of open space mesh or metal sheets.
  • the entrance to the mine from the premises closed doors or special fences.
  • From the broken rope and accidental dropping of the cabin lift is protected by special devices.
  • offers protection from overload.
  • door Lock.
  • Protection against voltage surges.

More cargo lift can be equipped with intercom, motion sensor, solar cells, indicators of motion.

To successfully buy freight Elevator it is necessary to choose correctly

Select a freight Elevator only just at first glance. Even if known parameters such as the required dimensions, capacity, type of cargo to choose the best option quite difficult and it can be done only by the experts has sufficient experience of the installation.

the First rule that should guide the choice of a lift is to trust the professionals. Try to install Elevator equipment is not necessary. This is a complex and time-consuming process, requiring special training. Moreover, professionals and provide services for maintenance of installed their equipment.

All offered on the market lifts can be classified as follows.

  • Freight elevators for high-rise shopping centers, warehouses, industrial complexes, residential and public buildings. These elevators are characterized by a capacity of 500 - 5000kg and is expected to transport furniture, home appliances, building materials, goods, products, etc. For residential buildings and public buildings is quite suitable model 500 kg, for industrial or warehouse will need a lift capacity 5000 kg
  • Automotive lifts - very popular for multi-storey car parks and Parking equipment. This lift is designed for lifting loads weighing up to 5000 kg
  • Small freight or service elevators in demand in the catering, townhouses, cottages, private houses, banks, etc. Their task is to deliver loads are not heavy weight at the height of the 2nd or 3rd floor (rarely higher).

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