Terms and definitions of small freight elevators

What is "Small freight Elevator"?

According to DSTU prEN 81-22-1:2006: "Small freight Elevator" - permanent lifting device serving specific levels, having a cabin to which access is impossible due to its size and design (capacity up to 250 kg, the floor area is not more than 1 m2, the height of the shaft doors - no more than 1250 mm).

is also called As small freight Elevator?

In Ukraine, there are different names of small freight Elevator, non-official. Especially this "sin" sites of suppliers of small freight elevators.

    In various sources (and, consequently, in the search engines) can be found such names:
  • service Elevator (which is a calque of the English "Servicelift"; the American term "Dumbwaiter")
  • malagutay Elevator
  • microlift
  • kitchen Elevator
  • restaurant lift / Elevator
  • "weaving" (the term circulating among the "old LifeView". At the present time is becoming less and less)

Here and below we will stick to the official name class elevators - Small freight Elevator."

Why is this freight Elevator is called the "small"?

this Small Elevator is called because of the limitations of the size of his cabin, carrying capacity, and the prohibition of the transportation of people.

What are the dimensions of the cabin of a small freight Elevator?

According to DSTU prEN 81-22-1:2006: "the Area of the cabin of a small freight Elevator must be no more than 1 m2, And further: "the Height of the cab of a small freight Elevator must be no more than 1250 mm. ...".

What is the carrying capacity of small freight Elevator?

the small Capacity of the freight Elevator is limited and not exceed 250 kg. The minimum capacity of small freight Elevator is usually 50kg. Load capacities 50kg increments up to a maximum of 250kg. Different manufacturers offer different load values, most often it is 50kg, 100kg, and 250kg. Intermediate values are found and used for more effective selection of small freight Elevator in accordance with the specific technology of the customer.

Are there elevators by a carrying capacity of less than 50 kg?

Yes, these cargo devices are available. Their capacity, for example, 5 kg, 12 kg, 24 kg Such devices are used for special purposes in laboratories, libraries, etc. In this series of articles we do not relate to such devices, as they are not subject to the requirements of the "elevators", which means small freight elevators are not. They can be called "small freight lifts".

What control has a small freight Elevator?

According to the same DSTU prEN 81-22-1:2006 "Small freight elevators must have external governance. That is the call and send a cab small freight Elevator is carried out using the push-button unit on each floor. Push-button device is placed near the door of the mine small freight Elevator and has a number of buttons equal to the number of stops of this Elevator. So same story switchboard apparatus shall be equipped with indicator (alarm) "Busy", which turns on when you open any door of the mine and during the movement of the cab.

According to the indication button of the device on the floor of the user at any point in time should see the status and location of small freight Elevator. The user can identify the following:

  • Elevator is busy on the floor no...
  • Elevator is busy movement
  • Elevator free on the floor no...
  • Elevator free on my floor (which is currently user)
  • Elevator does not work

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