Selection Factors small freight elevators

In this article we will explain what factors influence the choice of small freight elevators and how to make the best choice.

    the Following factors directly influence the choice of small freight Elevator:
  • the Purpose of small freight Elevator
  • Dimensions and weight of cargo
  • the Character of the load and its method of loading
  • Manufacturer certificate and the quality of the hardware

so, what is responsible, the customer need to find out before you contact the vendor of small freight elevators:

  1. Functions small freight Elevator: what do you intend to use it?
    • Transportation of food products and dishes? means, the walls of the cabin should be Stainless steel
    • tip 1: don't compromise and don't skimp on the finish of the lift for food production is more expensive stand then...
    • other cargo can be transported painted the cockpit - and that means you can save on finishing your small freight Elevator. Needless to say that mild steel is cheaper than stainless steel...
  2. Dimensions of cargo: find out the maximum dimensions of your cargo! Of course, the door dimensions and the dimensions of the cabin of a small freight Elevator must be far more sizes of cargo to ensure smooth loading and unloading.
    • tip 2: if you are not sure of the size of cargo, focus on the most common sizes of cabins small freight elevators for your appointment, see the Type and purpose of the small freight Elevator.
    • do Not be afraid - this a good method for solving uncertainty, because these data supported by long-term statistics of the use of small freight elevators in the world, and Ukraine is a General trend
    • tip 3: try not to perezakladyvatsja. A fairly common mistake of inexperienced customers reads: "let the biggest one and we'll see".

      for Example, it so happens that for a small cafe "just in case" buy small freight Elevator maximum size (L*H*VMM), which has a corresponding capacity 200 - 250kg.

      of Course, this Elevator will carry any cargo for kitchen needs the cafe. But what we see in everyday use? These are the same ready meals, products, packaged prepared food, kegs of beer, etc. ... See that cabin carries 5 - 20 kg of cargo, occupying not more than 30% of the useful volume. While the Elevator (very little) takes precious place (pushing technological processes), it is 40% more expensive than the "recommended" solution, and every day spends a few KWh of energy wasted... You need this?

  3. the Character of the load and the method of loading. Keyword: "cart"

      Your technology involves the use of trucks and quite heavy loads? Then your Elevator should have:
    • maximum size of the cabin Sh*G*VM
    • capacity of at least 200 kg
    • loading at floor level, allowing you to drive the truck into the cab
    • one entry in a cabin or 2 entrances opposite each other
    • swing door of the mine, the most convenient for this type of lifts
    • finish in accordance with paragraph 1 above
    • the door of the cabin, so that during the movement of the trolley didn't outside cabins (horrible scratching noise in the mine, the lift stopped, will not soon brought the bill for repairs - just wasn't the doors...)
    • shelf in the cabin, most likely, will not be needed, because the truck occupies almost all the space inside the cabin.

    tip 4: find out the size of the truck in advance of its size should not exceed the maximum size of the cabin of a small freight Elevator S*G*VMM. Note the door dimensions and radii of the reversal of the truck in front of the Elevator. If the truck more of a cabin - you may not fit small freight Elevator, and need a freight Elevator. As an option - change technology and apply more compact truck.

      3.2 You are not using the truck, and your small cargo is moved manually. Then your Elevator should have:
    • size cab that matches your cargo or purpose/type, but is unlikely to exceed S*G*VM
    • capacity of 50 and 100 kg (manually still no longer be loaded, otherwise the cab will be waiting for a full load so long that other users will not be able to use it for operational needs)
    • the doors of the Elevator shaft at an altitude of 800±100 mm above floor level (this "service height, ergonomic for most people at manual loading. This means that the back of a man should not bend during the loading of the Elevator, at the same time, service height should not lead to efforts to lift the load).
    • 1 or 2 or (rarely) 3 log in to the cabin - angle 90º (input side) or 180 ° (opposite inputs) relative to each other (specify the location of the premises on the floors and technology). Of course, this cabin must have square dimensions in plan
    • rather vertically-sliding door mine (useful when manual loading and does not take the place of the passage in the open form)
    • finish in accordance with paragraph 1 above
    • the door of the cabin (not to collect a kilogram of Cutlery and sprouted potatoes in the pit of the mine at the end of the month)
    • at least one shelf in the middle of the cabins (and possibly 2-3 shelves depending on technology)
  4. Manufacturers of small freight elevators
      type manufacturer small freight elevators vary:
    • lifts from several specialized European manufacturers of small freight elevators with "a long history" leaders product quality. This higher price range and technology, but worth it - for the entire lifetime of the Elevator (and this is 25 years according to the standard) you will provide reliable operation of the device and the original spare parts if necessary. All products, including sites security, of course, are certified in Ukraine
    • lifts from China are extremely rare in Ukraine because of the difficult logistics. Specialized manufacturer of small freight elevators are not available, or their products no one has seen in Ukraine. Data quality and the price is not. Certificates, according to open sources of data, not issued (December 2012)
    • lifts manufactured at Ukrainian plants. Oddly enough, the difference in price compared to the 1st group is large (about 30-40%), and the difference in quality is not so great

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