The barrel of the neglected mine will be used for the tests of the most pitch in the world elevator

A royal tower in Jeddah's (Jeddah's Kingdom Tower) after completion of her building will become the highest building in the world. The height of this tower that will exceed one kilometre will demand the use of great number of innovative technologies, some of that were to the last time considered some of digit of science fiction. As in the highest building in the Royal tower there will be the most pitch and rapid elevators in the world, and before long the tests of such elevators will begin to be conducted in the barrel of one of the neglected mines specially equipped for this purpose in Finland.

Kone, the Finnish company specialized on development and production of hoisting equipment got a contract on creation 65 elevators for the Royal tower of Jeddah's, project that after a few years of oblivion was renewed in spring of this year. A problem of elevators will be an above all problem at building of tower, in fact a maxheight of getting up of elevators is and till today by a factor, limiting the height of the built building.

During exploitation сверхвысотные elevators are exposed to the emergency loading and work drastic, when even geometry of mine of elevator is distorted together with a form building construction under act of wind. A traditional steel rope having considerable weight can not be used in the construction of сверхвысотных elevators, at such length he will not be able to survive the own weight even. A separate question are the brake systems of high-speed elevators that in emergency case must maintain temperatures over 500 degrees, providing the effective braking here. And all that is here enumerated, is in far not all list of problems the designers of elevators run into that.

A company Kone decides most foregoing problems through brandname technology of UltraRope. The ropes of UltraRope are made not from steel, and from the carbon fibre, covered by the special composition having a high coefficient of friction. Ropes practically are not exposed to corrosion and influence of aggressive chemicals, they maintain a high temperature and keep an enormous reserve of mechanical durability. Due to it, the ropes of UltraRope can have large length in two times, than ordinary hawsers.

Some elevators of the Royal tower will have a height, in two times exceeding height of the most pitch existing now elevators. The height of getting up of such elevator will be equal about to 640 meters, these elevators will be heavy two-storeyed constructions, that, except it,

will be able to pass distance quicker, than any other elevator.

The all above-stated sounds keenly. But here is a question, how is it possible to make an elevator technologies of that are unchecked by the real tests on one simple reason, in the world yet there is not building of reasonable height? An answer for this question is simple enough, instead of that to erect a very high tent-bed test it is necessary simply to dig earth deep into. And this "deep" stand the 330-meter barrel of the neglected mine played role of in South Finland that left off to be exploited in 1897. And in 2008 the specialists of company Kone converted the barrel of this mine into only in its way proof-of-concept means for the cargo handling systems.

Unfortunately, the 330-meter height of stand will not allow to conduct the complete tests of the elevators intended for building of kilometre height. "We used this stand for development and modernisations of technologies, intended for building", - Johannes tells de Jong (Johannes de Jong), director of department of projects and technologies of company Kone, - "Nevertheless, our mine is an only tent-bed test in the world, on that it is possible to check the capacity of technologies at speeds of moving of elevators from 600 to 1100 meters in a minute. This pre-eminence as compared to other tent-bed tests in that various simulators" are used for this purpose.

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