A company Hitachi began editing of the most rapid in the world elevators, speeding up 1200 meters in a minute

The representatives of company Hitachi declared beginning of editing of new ультраскоростных elevators in the built sky-scraper of the Financial center CTF in Гуанчжоу, China. These high-speed elevators will be two from 95 elevators in building of sky-scraper, and in their construction drawn on all latest accomplishments and technologies due to that these elevators can speed up in 1200 meters in a minute, observing all norms and requirements, produced to the comfort and safety of moving, here.

However it is paradoxical, but the systems of elevators are that limits the height of the erected pitch building. Besides a maxheight up that an elevator is able to walk, important limitation is speed of his moving, that is reason of the protracted journeys on an elevator and expectation of arrival of elevator protracted and tiresome no less. Therefore all sky-scrapers equip plenty enough of elevators, some of that accomplish the unceasing moving to the overhead floors, and other elevators can heave up passengers only on a certain height, whereupon for continuation of getting up transplantation is required them on other elevator.

When building of center CTF will be opened in 2016, it will become the highest building in Гуанчжоу. The great number of offices, hotels and dwellings apartments will be situated in it. The height of 111-storeyed building will make 530 meters, and five his floors will go away downward under earth. As already mentioned higher, there will be only 95 elevators in building, from them 28 elevators will be on ordinary elevators having a two-storeyed booth, 13 elevators will be high-speed elevators and 52 elevators will ply on subzero and middle speed, embracing different parts of sky-scraper.

Two elevator-record-holders will walk without a stop from a ground floor to the 95th floor, walking up a height in 440 meters for 43 seconds of time. The rate of movement will make 1200 meters in a minute (72 kilometres per hour) from what the passengers of these elevators constantly will have to test the sharp enough feeling.

The high-rate of moving of elevators is arrived at due to the use of their strong тонкопрофильной design, synchronous electric motors with permanent magnets and compact reducing gears. Minimum weight of cage allows to use more thin rope weight of that has a not insignificant value also. The rate of movement an elevator is regulated by the difficult enough mechatronic system, and high temperature composite materials, that can survive all loading mechanical and thermal, are used in the emergency brake system, in any unexpected situation. Except it, for reduction of vibration at motion on high-rate the special directing rails are used, and the system of autoflare of pressure allows to avoid the effect of "gobbing of ears" at the rapid change of height of cage.

It remains to add that practically all technologies used for creation of high-speed elevators for a center CTF were tested and checked for the special research tower of G1Tower, in 213 meters high, that was built by a company Hitachi in 2010 specially for researches in area of elevator systems.

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