Lifts in apartment blocks

Types of passenger lifts and their manufacturers

    Modern range of lifting equipment passenger type is very wide:
  • machine room
  • Without machine room
  • Electric lifts
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment

Ways of finishing

Each manufacturer offers elevators with different types of finishing: economy, business and premium class.

  • For houses usually get out of the cab with the most wear-resistant powder coating, the color of which is selected in according to the RAL catalogue
  • In the buildings of a different type are used lifts, finished in stainless steel, providing the cabin elegance and bezproblemnoe уходаL

How to choose a suitable passenger lift?

the Choice of a specific modification of the passenger Elevator is determined by the following factors.

  • the Type of building - residential, public, administrative, medical, shopping, etc.
  • Capacity
  • Manufacturer
  • Choice of finishing
  • Density of passenger traffic
  • engine room

Our company offers installation of elevators in the building - in ready mine, and outside - in specially equipped for this purpose a steel-frame construction. Experts will help you to decide which will provide the necessary technical advice and will produce a quality installation.

Advantages passenger elevators

Our company specializing in the installation and maintenance of such a technically complex equipment, such as passenger lifts, carries out the following kinds of works.

  • a good choice of optimal design
  • Design of lifting equipment
  • The immediate installation of a passenger Elevator
  • control and debugging the desired mode
  • Delivery of equipment to the customer
  • Certified equipment from trusted manufacturers

We help the client to choose not just the Elevator and buy the most appropriate and most relevant to the requirements of the model. The more and better advice at the initial stage of cooperation, the much faster progress and better subsequently operates lifting equipment.

Can a passenger Elevator to be expensive?

Our company offers passenger elevators different price categories. The cost of the equipment is not the main criterion for its selection. Properly selected and taken into account the technical characteristics allow to significantly save on the content of the Elevator.

    Criteria affecting the cost of lifting equipment
  • storage Capacity - the number of passengers
  • Payload - the total weight lifted/lowered cargo
  • Aesthetic merits and type of finish of the Elevator
  • accessories and accessories
  • Ability to adjust and customize equipment
  • security
  • lift Speed
  • Smoothness

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