Lifts for office buildings

Passenger elevators required to move vertically people in administrative and residential buildings. Range of use of such lifts is wide, it can be cottages and private houses and business centers, and museums.

Strict requirements for the materials, which are used for passenger elevators. These materials should be tulowitski and do not produce harmful gases when heated. Shields compartments are usually made of metal modules with solid decorative or paint coating. Doors must be fire resistant and manufactured with fire resistance EI 60.

But such strict restrictions will not prevent to make the Elevator exclusively, but in accordance with the style and design of the entire building. It's even possible to finish the cockpit of natural materials such as leather, marble, wood, etc.

Classification of passenger elevators

Passenger elevators shall be subject to the classification established depending on various factors.

    By type of placement elevators are grouped
  • for installation in high-rise residential buildings;
  • public buildings, business centres;
  • in the buildings, industrial type (e.g., enterprises)
    According to use are distinguished:
  • standard high-rise elevators high-rise residential buildings;
  • hospital elevators - designed for the transport of hospital staff and patients;
  • wheelchair lifts designed for lifting-lowering people with disorders of musculoskeletal system, equipped for the accommodation of wheelchairs;
  • lifts for houses, country houses
    By way of attachment and type of passenger lift shaft elevators are installed:
  • remote mines brick, block, concrete, etc.;
  • supplied in mines;
  • in the combined mines
    type run elevators rooms:
  • over mines - located with machine room above;
  • under mines - with the placement of the machinery space below;
  • without spaces, designed for the engine room.

Quality is an integral part of passenger lifts

Our passenger lifts contain a large number of positive qualities. They are indicators of the movements are smooth running and configured on the accuracy of the stop. Comfortable cabin, silent operation and no vibration when moving is very important for people afraid of movement in the elevators. Also optionally possible selection of materials of the cabin. Wood, marble, decorative stone - range sentences are very diverse. The durability and quality of the component parts of our elevators meets the highest level. Buy passenger Elevator with us means to ensure a safe movement for many years.

Optional equipment

Another integral part of the production is additional equipment. Passenger lifts are always equipped with the overload indicators, various designations stops, the light barrier on the cabin doors, and mirrors. Not less useful attribute of our cabins is their ventilation.

Our equipment is a guarantee of reliability

the Equipment complies with all legal documents and requirements. It effortlessly passed validation in technical and environmental supervision. Our services provide warranty service, installation, dismantling, have all necessary certificates, confirming the high level of services. Passenger elevators will last long and comfortable service. Buy Elevator we mean not only save money, but do not know any problems for a long period of time.

Where is best to choose a lift?

the Booth elevators other firms, as well as additional equipment, often made from various not always of high quality materials, with their prices on the consumer market are significantly different from quality. Our products are quite reasonably priced, made only from high quality materials. So You will not need a large financial cost to buy the right Elevator.

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