Elevators in shopping centers

The elevators to the mall to buy and install more and more often, this is primarily due to the need to provide comfort for visitors and staff. On this basis the elevators in the mall can be divided into several groups. The first group includes passenger elevators and panoramic elevators.

We consider in more detail the first group tend to lift in the mall trying to buy premium (business) class, it brands such as OTIS, KONE, TRESA, SCHINDLER, SEC, THYSSEN KRUPP, DOPPLER.

In the second group we assign freight elevators and parking systems. Let us consider in more detail the second group. On freight elevators, we will not focus, freight elevator in the mall trying to pick up on the basis of criteria such as reliability and durability. Under these criteria are suitable such world recognized brands such as OTIS, KONE, TRESA, SCHINDLER, SEC, THYSSEN KRUPP, DOPPLER. And so we have examined freight elevators and go to the parking system. Parking system is an integral part of any modern shopping center. Parking systems have many advantages as opposed to the standard parking near the shopping center, the most important advantage of the parking system is a space-saving, which is sorely lacking in a large-scale development of large cities. When the developer before the question arises about the need to buy a lift to the mall and buy parking system, the first of what are guided in choosing a quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and affordable price. Under such requirements are suitable parking systems from manufacturers such as SLK, TRESA and DOPPLER. And so the third and last group of this Compact Cargo lifts. Compact Cargo lifts are used as the housekeeping staff of the shopping center, and restaurants and cafes that are located inside the shopping center. Buy a lift to the mall and buy Compact Cargo Lift currently is not difficult, because such recognized brands as OTIS, KONE, TRESA, SCHINDLER, SEC, THYSSEN KRUPP, DOPPLER ready to offer you reliable and durable lifts European quality at affordable prices. Our company is ready to assist you in purchasing, installation and maintenance of elevators and lifts parking systems. We always meet our customer and try to fulfill any of his wish. Before our regular customers there is no question who to turn to, if necessary, buy a lift to the mall, whether it is a passenger elevator, freight elevator, Compact Cargo lift and parking systems. We work with many brands such as Lifts OTIS, KONE, TRESA, SCHINDLER, SEC, THYSSEN KRUPP, DOPPLER and are the only dealers in the territory of Ukraine. Turning to us with a request to buy a lift to the mall you will not be disappointed with the performance of our managers, who are professionals in their field. We are ready to offer you a full range of services related to the acquisition of elevators and parking systems. Under the full-service, we mean the following items:

  • manufacture of elevator shafts
  • design of elevator shafts
  • selection and sale of the elevator and parking systems suitable for your requirements and wishes
  • elevator installation, the installation of the elevator shaft
  • installation of parking system
  • modernization of existing elevators (passenger elevator, freight elevator, Compact Cargo elevator, panoramic elevator, bed elevator, the elevator for the disabled and parking systems)
  • to further lift service

    Lift in the business center you can buy from us, our managers will help you to choose the most suitable for your requirements elevator. Naturally, as a rule, an elevator in business center should have a presentable appearance. Finishing options very much, it is stainless steel and stainless steel structured, as well as an opportunity to finish the cabin compartment under the tree, gold, antique and many other finishes, including custom finishes. To date, there are a few brands that are very popular, because of price-quality ratio, for example, OTIS, KONE, TRESA, SCHINDLER, THYSSEN KRUPP.

    Customers pick up the elevator in business center in many ways, and it's not just decoration coupe cab, but also parameters such as the presence of a frequency drive winch lift frequency drive door, calling, and the clerks office. All it needs to look presentable, because the first thing that draws the attention of the visitor, oddly enough, elevator. Elevator in business center, our company is ready to supply and install as soon as possible. We already have a ready-made solution that will amaze you, and our professional managers will simultaneously offer parking systems, Compact Cargo lifts. So from reading the above you can see that the elevator in business center - it's not just a device for carrying people between floors, but also a great way to let people know about your company. Also on the monitors, you can run and PSAs that have a positive impact on the reputation of your business center. We are ready to cooperate with you at any stage of the construction of the center of your business, from the design of the elevator shaft.

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