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In our days more often there are new, hi-tech storage facilities in a few levels. It is logically; in fact storage in a few floors is a building compactness and excellent economy of place. But how to move the saved load to other floor (level)? To order a passenger elevator is expensive enough, and to overpay for many functions of such elevator is not write decision, because many of them will not be used. And not always, on storage, there is possibility to distinguish space above an elevator for a machine room. A conclusion invites to by a modern freight lift (platform) for storage.

Basic descriptions:

  • Carrying Capacity from 100 to 5000 kg
  • Size of booth is optimized for evro-paleta, from 1 to 6 things at one bout
  • Possibility of getting up of the loaded car
  • Very strong material of walls of booth and sex
  • Automatic or hand doors
  • High-frequency of the use (calls)

Our elevators work 24/7 in a week, they will be reliability by part of your business and able to execute any put tasks on transportation of load.

Price from 48 000 UAH
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If you have a need for to buy a freight elevator , we will help to solve this problem. Advise on issues such as: cost lifts for industrial premises , a l iftovoe Warehouse will be for you a more effective and durable as more successfully produce for elevator installation warehouse .

There are many types and variations of freight elevators. We will advise you on the basis of years of experience, a lifting equipment for industrial premises will have the best price and high power. Price lifts for storage depends on the manufacturer, so if you want to order to lift production area of the foreign producers, then the price will affect the transportation of elevator equipment.

Freight elevator for industrial premises is easy to fit into the interior, thanks to the professional approach of our experts. We will offer you the best accommodation option and completing the lift. If you are faced with the task of to buy a lift for storage or manufacturing facilities, please call +38 (067) 475-10-10, we will help you with this .

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