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One of work of our company assignments is a sale of elevator equipment, it is possible to purchase an elevator for a shopping center. We offer the most quality elevators for shopping and entertainment centers and large buildings.

The features of functioning of public complexes envisage a presence and freight elevators, and passenger. If for the first ones basic criteria is a capacity and carrying capacity, then for second ones there are much more factors. Here it is also necessary to pay attention to reliability, smoothness of motion, climbing ability and, undoubtedly, aesthetic properties. In shopping centers large popularity is used by panoramic elevators. They have fully a transparent booth and allow examining a building interior during lowering and getting up.

In our company, you can purchase only quality and reliable elevators for shopping centers that will last to 30 years, and will have a beautiful and attractive kind on all extent of term of exploitation.

Price from 224 000 UAH
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For Sale lifts for shopping - one of the most important activities of our company. Properly selected elevator will improve the overall style of the building and provide comfort to visitors. Often shopping centers are freight and passenger elevators . The main task of cargo - up to the passenger as important is their view and comfortable movement of passengers. Request a lift to the mall you can in our company. We will offer you lifting equipment of the foreign producers, Lifts for malls of domestic producers will talk about effective ways of install an elevator on the outside of the building, to answer all the questions.

How is installation of an elevator for the mall , what their views are best suited for your project, how the maintenance lifts for shopping mall , from which parameters formed price lifts for shopping mall , you can contact our qualified specialists at +38 (067) 475-10-10.

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