Standard equipment:

  • Two walls of the cabin are made of horizontally placed panels of laminate, rear panel is completely closed the mirror without a frame
  • The ceiling is made of translucent frosted glass lighting is carried directly through the glass, which gives the impression of natural light
  • The control panel is also placed horizontally to complement the unrivaled design. Performed entirely of mirrored stainless steel
  • The floor can be made of marble or granite slabs
  • Cabin and cabin doors are also made of stainless steel, which complements the unrivaled comfort
  • Occasional can be used as an electric or hydraulic


  • Patterning of the customer on the ceiling and on the walls
  • Finishing in various colors
  • Replacing the rear wall on the panoramic glass
  • Establishing a sound system, TFT monitor, radio, clock, climate control

This model cabin is a gem that emphasizes unmatched design of the building. Model "Pearl" is set in the office, administrative and inhabited areas that need elegance and comfort in the elevator.

Our elevators model "Pearl" meet European safety standards EN - 81, Ukrainian technical regulations, GOST 22011, PBBЄL have certificate of conformity and allowed to use in Ukraine.

Price from 288 000 UAH
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Finish elevator Pearl is ideal for buildings where the main idea is elegant in every way! Pearl of the perfect combination of marble floor and mirrored walls. This finish is striking in its simplicity and passengers at the same time original. If you want to book elevator trim Pearl, you can experienced firsthand how elegance can be achieved in a simple manner.

Price lifts for office building or cost of the elevator for the mall to finish Pearl depends on the chosen configuration. Tell in detail about all the features and advantages of this type of finish you can call +38 (067) 475-10-10

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