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An elevator in a hotel is not only rapid and comfortable motor vehicle between floors. It is an index of:

  • comfort
  • prestige
  • building class
  • beauty of interior

Our company supplies with elevators for hotel business of exceptional quality. Only in our company, there are such models of elevator equipment, that is made to underline the elite of establishment, individual style and social status of proprietor, are presented, and similarly can become the "visiting-card" of any hotel. We will produce the original finishing of elevator booths, doors, portals, contiguous stair vestibules. We will take up both a standard project and your individual designer ideas and unique developments.

Knowledge of our staff in combination with rich practice and experience is a necessary guarantee that with us the installing of hotel and kitchen elevators, their unique finishing and service will be produced at very high level of quality and in the earliest possible dates!

A small freight elevators will fully suit for restaurants, they differs in a compactness that is extremely needed. A requirement in the vertical moving can exist in a private house, multilevel apartment or restaurant. For example, in that case, when a kitchen is on one floor, and dining-room on other. Then the serve of readies through a small freight elevator for a restaurant will become very appropriate and will release you from the loss of time and forces.

To buy a kitchen lift - means to get possibility to execute moving of load without expenses for a time and forces.

Hotels from 288 000 UAH
Lift cookers from 48 000 UAH
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Manufacturing lifts for hotel - the process of creative enough, since each institution has individual wishes regarding the design lift. In addition, production of lifts for hotels is a time consuming complex action which takes into account such important factors as the silence of movement smoothness and speed of the elevator.

As for purchase lift for the restaurant business, especially popular in the industry have a dumbwaiters or small passenger elevators . dumbwaiter for restaurant has a small size, because of this elevator installation for a restaurant and elevator maintenance for the restaurant made quite easily and do not require a lot of additional space.

Calculate cost of the elevator for hotel on the basis of the customer's wishes, book Lift for the kitchen of the restaurant to find out what is the price lift for restaurant , you can contact us by phone: +38 (067) 475-10-10.

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