Cottage elevators or as they are yet named by home elevators, from ordinary elevators differ on next parameters: subzero energy consumption, possibility of work in autonomous behavior at interruptions with a power supply in a house, small weight, minimum sizes of shaft. Our elevator company is ready to offer elevators for a cottage or houses able to satisfy the highest queries.

Whether you are the owner of cottage, or you design or manage building of private out-of-town house, our company is able to decide problem of delivery and installing of elevator for a cottage by the best character.

We will pick up the optimal decision of elevator for the cottage of any level, will help correctly to project, and then in short time we will carry out delivery and installing of the chosen type of cottage elevator.

In our time the installing of elevators in cottages already is not something unusual. People want to live in maximally comfort terms, move on a house quickly and easily, and herein they are helped by an elevator. Our company фьщтп all elevators offers the wide assortment of elevator equipment for private building.

All models of cottage elevators are different, but they are brought together by a few key factors:

  • They have a stylish modern design that easily will blend in the design of cottage
  • Elevators possess a small energy consumption, as created on innovative technologies
  • Most elevators for a cottage have small weight and will work in every building constructions
  • They are reliable and lasting, comfortable for all family
Price from 192 000 UAH
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If you want to to buy a lift for the cottage , book elevator for low-rise residential building or to buy a lift for a two-level apartment, our company will help you in this. For Sale elevators for houses is a relatively new trend in the Ukraine but our staff can quickly and competently advise you on all issues. lifting equipment e for cottages we supply to Ukraine since 2003, so we qualitatively and in time can to install an elevator in the house , to make installation of an elevator in the house and in the future to produce maintenance lift in a cottage on a regular basis. Setting the Lift in a country house, you get a number of advantages, such as a lift to easily fit into almost any part of the house due to the compactness; Work cottage lifts silent; they are perfectly safe; outside the elevator door blends harmoniously into the overall interior of the house due to individual design. Therefore, price for elevator cabin is quite justified.

If you are interested in production of lifts for houses , cost of the elevator for a cottage and other questions about the order of lifts of the house, please call +38 (067) 475-10-10 and you will get all the answers.

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