Administrative buildings

Now, when cities grow not only in breadth but also upwards, demand on an elevator equipment increases constantly. Taking into account this fact, our company is ready to offer the wide line of elevators for different areas, including passenger elevators for administrative buildings.

Basic models of elevators for office buildingі have such advantages:

  • High-rate of movement
  • High intensity of the use
  • Wear-proof material of walls of booth, floor and ceiling

The last years the special popularity have been taken by panoramic elevators, they organically look in trade and office building, being the original sparkle of interior or exterior. Besides that, such elevators allow to the passengers to enjoy the view opened from a height on the interior decoration of apartments or vicinity.

Large popularity of panoramic elevators is conditioned by two factors:

  • Original look and use of the newest modern technologies
  • Positive influence on status of office or trade building, and image of company in the aggregate
  • New technologies in elevators
Price from 240 000 UAH
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If you are faced with the task of to buy a lift for an office building , our company is pleased to offer their services. The lift equipment for office buildings we deliver world-famous manufacturers. Long fruitful partnership with them and experienced team of our experts will provide you with a great result. The cost of elevators for the office building is justified due to the high level of comfort, reliability and modern design.

One of the new trends in the interior of the office buildings are panoramic elevators . Our experts will be able to tell you about all the advantages of panoramic lifts, to explain how the installation of elevators for office buildings , Maintenance lift for office building . Price passenger elevator for the office building is formed on the basis of a number of factors, in detail you will be able to tell you over the phone: +38 (067) 475-10-10.

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