• Palazzo

    Do You love natural wood? Do you want to have over only natural ingredients and stuff? Then the model is for you. Variants of oak, ash, mahogany and rosewood available to you in any performance.

  • Mirror

    Quiet and clear, it is stylish and valuable in any interior. The feeling of space and lack of boundaries gives you an unprecedented feeling. Choose your panoramic elevator, and we will do as you wish.

  • Panoramic

    Quiet and clear, it is stylish and valuable in any interior. The feeling of space and lack of boundaries gives you an unprecedented feeling. Choose your panoramic elevator, and we will do as you wish.

  • Small lift for cafes, restaurants

    Small, quiet and industrious, the elevator will become a reliable assistant in any kitchen. Works quickly, is aesthetically pleasing, price is reasonable. It will bring you joy and satisfaction for many years - make sure yourself!


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A company "LiftОК" offers the elevators of middle and higher level. We offer elite and non-standard elevators for any building and setting. Our elevators are produced on the modern plants located in Central europe (Germany, Italy, Spain). At making of elevators used only quality and passing verification in a time of component, namely:

  • are winches of Alberto Sassi (Italy)
  • are hydroelectric generators of Morris (Italy)
  • drive of doors of Wittur (Germany)
  • are the stations of management of AlphaLift (Italy)
  • are knots of safety of Dynatech (Spain)

We supply with the elevators of well-known brands, such as: ThyssenKrupp, Kone, Morris, Otis, HAS Asansor.

Our elevators are used on all Ukraine and near abroad, namely: "Parus" of Kyiv, airport "Boryspil", Shopping center "Marmelad" of Kyiv, Shopping center of "Gulliver" of Kyiv, hotel "Stariy" and "Kozackiy" of Kyiv and many other.

We also produce installing of elevators, modernization, repair, service of elevator and render other concomitant services.

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A royal tower in Jeddah's (Jeddah's Kingdom Tower) after completion of her building will become the highest building in the world. The height of this tower that will exceed one kilometre will demand the use of great number of innovative technologies, some of that were to the last time considered some of digit of science fiction. As in the highest building in the Royal tower there will be the most pitch and rapid elevators in the world, and before long the tests of such elevators will begin to be conducted in the barrel of one of the neglected mines specially equipped for this purpose in Finland. Kone, the Finnish company specialized on development and production of hoisting equipment got a contract on creation 65 elevators for the Royal tower of Jeddah's, project that after a few years of oblivion was renewed in spring of this year. A problem of elevators will...
The representatives of company Hitachi declared beginning of editing of new ультраскоростных elevators in the built sky-scraper of the Financial center CTF in Гуанчжоу, China. These high-speed elevators will be two from 95 elevators in building of sky-scraper, and in their construction drawn on all latest accomplishments and technologies due to that these elevators can speed up in 1200 meters in a minute, observing all norms and requirements, produced to the comfort and safety of moving, here. However it is paradoxical, but the systems of elevators are that limits the height of the erected pitch building. Besides a maxheight up that an elevator is able to walk, important limitation is speed of his moving, that is reason of the protracted journeys on an elevator and expectation of arrival of elevator protracted and tiresome no less. Therefore all sky-scrapers...
30.09.14 - 03.10.14 will take place Thematic divisions of exhibition: Technologies of modern building. Building constructions, technique, instruments. Building and finishing materials. Planning, architecture, restoration. Electrical engineering equipment. Pools. Water systems. Systems of гидро-, тепло-, sound-proofings. Ventilation and conditioning. Energy-saving technologies and materials. Elevators and elevator equipment. Windows and doors. Фурнитура and accessories. Roofing materials and facades. Systems of пылеудаления. Measuring devices and equipment. Lightning technology, cable-explorer products. Glues, varnishes, paints. Articles of interior. Overalls. Software. Place of realization: sport Palace "Ukraine" Area: General area: 2200 sq.m Closed area: 1700 sq.m Open area: 500 sq.m Basic indexes of exhibition (2013 - an...

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Our company for many years engaged in the manufacture and sale of any complete set of elevators, elevators trim and other services related to the elevators. We are professionals in the sector of lifting equipment. Turning to us, you'll get expert answers to all the questions that interest you. Can to buy a lift otvechayushy the highest standards of quality and reliability.

If you want to buy a lift, we can offer you: Lift for cottage , elevator to the office building , lift for shopping mall , lift for hotel , lift for restaurant , Lift warehouse , lift for industrial premises , elevator for residential blocks of flats .

Here you can book Lift brands such as: Elevator Thyssenkrupp , Lift Doppler , elevator Kone , Lift Shindler , Lift SKG , elevator IGV , Lift domuslift , Lift Vimec , Lift Kleemann , Lift HAS Asansor , Lift Sjec , elevator Fuji , Lift Izamet , Lift Tresa .

We can also offer you elevator trim , which will give the elevator sophistication and beauty. Finish lift can be different, for example: Premium trim elevator, elevator trim Pearl, Comfort elevator trim, trim the elevator mirror, trim Panoramic elevator, elevator trim Palazzo.

Manufacturing lifts , sale lifts and finish lifts , this is not the full range of services offered by our company, we can also offer you: elevator installation , lift installation , setting up the elevator , elevator service , fault diagnosis lift , renting a lift-up .

Order elevator any configuration, learn about all the possible finishes elevator or order any other service, you can contact our specialists by calling +38 (067) 475-10-10.

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