The barrel of the neglected mine will be used for the tests of the most pitch in the world elevator


A royal tower in Jeddah's (Jeddah's Kingdom Tower) after completion of her building will become the highest building in the world. The height of this tower that will exceed one kilometre will demand the use of great number of innovative technologies, some of that were to the last time considered some of digit of science fiction. As in the highest building in the Royal tower there will be the most pitch and rapid elevators in the world, and before long the tests of such elevators will begin to be conducted in the barrel of one of the neglected mines specially equipped for this purpose in Finland.


A company Hitachi began editing of the most rapid in the world elevators, speeding up 1200 meters in a minute


The representatives of company Hitachi declared beginning of editing of new ультраскоростных elevators in the built sky-scraper of the Financial center CTF in Гуанчжоу, China. These high-speed elevators will be two from 95 elevators in building of sky-scraper, and in their construction drawn on all latest accomplishments and technologies due to that these elevators can speed up in 1200 meters in a minute, observing all norms and requirements, produced to the comfort and safety of moving, here.

However it is paradoxical, but the systems of


30th international exhibition "buildingekspo-autumn"

30.09.14 - 03.10.14 will take place

Thematic divisions of exhibition:

Technologies of modern building. Building constructions, technique, instruments. Building and finishing materials. Planning, architecture, restoration. Electrical engineering equipment. Pools. Water systems. Systems of гидро-, тепло-, sound-proofings. Ventilation and conditioning. Energy-saving technologies and materials. Elevators and elevator equipment. Windows and doors. Фурнитура and accessories. Roofing materials and facades. Systems of пылеудаления.